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Get More Done with FluentBooking Integrations

Collect information, automate repetitive tasks, keep your calendar updated, and more with our advanced integrations. Inject efficiency into your workflow with FluentBooking and turn every meeting into a productive one!

Supercharge FluentBooking with Integrations

Get more done with less work by connecting your form, CRM, payment, and more to FluentBooking. Optimize your meetings and boost your workflow with FluentBooking!

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Smart Integrations to Optimize Your Workflow

Google Calendar Integration

Say Goodbye to Scheduling Conflicts

Stay updated on the go with our Google Calendar integration and say goodbye to any scheduling conflicts with two-way synchronization!

one click Google calendar integration

One-click Integration

Leverage our one-click integration using a Google Calendar app. Simply allow the required permissions and start enjoying seamless synchronization!

avoid scheduling collision with google calendar

Say Goodbye to Scheduling Collisions!

Scheduled an appointment on FluentBooking or booked outside? Say goodbye to any scheduling collisions by automatically keeping both your calendars updated!

bookings to google calendar

Bookings Straight to Your Google Calendar

Keep your Google Calendar updated with all the appointment information and stay updated on the run with our real-time Google Calendar integration

Apple Calendar Integration

Sync Booking Schedule Across Apple Devices

Be it the iPhone you use or the Macbook, get your booking schedules synced across your devices

Scheduling Across Apple Devices

Integrate your Apple Calendar in a few steps and start enjoying automated scheduling on all your Apple devices.

apple calendar integration

Outlook Calendar Integration

Automatically Sync New Calendar Events to Outlook

Connect your Outlook Calendar to FluentBooking in a single click and automatically sync new appointment bookings to your calendar.

outlook calendar integration

Seamlessly Update Outlook Calendar with Upcoming Appointments

Seamlessly update your appointments to your Outlook Calendar and check for conflicts in your everyday schedule. Never worry about getting double-booked or not knowing what’s next!

Nextcloud Calendar Integration

Connect Your Remote Calendars

Connect your Next Calendars to FluentBooking and automatically sync new appointment bookings to your CalDev calendar.

nextcloud calendar integration

Sync Bookings to Your CalDev Calendar

Get appointments to your CalDev calendar with FluentBooking’s Nextcloud Calendar integration. Our two way sync helps you effortlessly integrate and stay updated

Smarter Scheduling, Seamless Meeting

Arrange any kind of in-person or virtual meetings —without the worry of scheduling conflicts!

Google Meet Integration

Create Virtual Meetings at Scale

Simplify URL sharing and streamline your virtual appointments with our Google Meet integration.

simplify virtual google meetings

Simplify Virtual Meetings

Instead of exchanging back-and-forth emails, simply choose Google Meet and let FluentBooking take care of the rest!

google meet link sharing

Automated G-meet URL Sharing

Whenever your clients book a Google Meet appointment, G-meet URL will be shared with both attendees automatically!

Zoom Integration

Simplify Zoom Conferencing

Stay updated about your upcoming meetings automate meeting communications, and arrange Zoom meetings effortlessly!

meetings to zoom

Meetings Straight to Your Zoom Client

Easily integrate your Zoom account with FluentBooking in a secure way and get all the meeting updates on your Zoom client.

zoom meeting URL sharing

Goodbye Pre-appointment Communications!

Let FluentBooking take care of appointment communications. Automatically share Zoom URL via email notification and ensure your attendees are on time.

MS Teams Integration

Meet More Effortlessly with MS Teams

Easily integrate your MS Teams account and let people meet you via MS Teams.

MS Teams integration

Meet Online with MS Teams

Enable MS Teams by connecting your work account with FluentBooking and meet online for business meetings, team collaboration, education, and more!

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Effortless Appointments, Seamless Payments

Stripe Integration

Get Paid for Your Time

Connect FluentBooking with your Stripe account and get paid for your time. Sell personal services or prevent fraudulent bookings with partial payments!

stripe integration

Integrate in One-click!

Easily connect your Stripe account and start accepting payments via Stripe. It’s as easy as clicking the ‘Connect’ button!

Charge for Appointments with stripe

Easily Charge for Appointments

Get paid for your service or prevent fraudulent bookings with partial payments. Charge for your service the easy way!

WooCommerce Integration

Take Advantage of WooCommerce Payment Gateways

Easily integrate your calendars with WooCommerce products and start taking advantage of WooCommerce payment gateways.

woocommerce integration

Get Paid, Offer Coupons, Enable Tax, and More via WooCommerce

Connect your FluentBooking calendars with WooCommerce Products and start taking advantage of the wide range of WooCommerce payment gateway features. Get paid via WooCommerce payment gateways, offer coupons, and enable taxes —You can do pretty much everything related to payments!

Advanced Payments, High-quality Appointments

Say goodbye to fraudulent appointments or no-shows. Get paid in advance and attend productive meetings!

Fluent Forms Integration

Design Smarter Appointment Booking Forms, Faster

Ditch boring appointment booking forms and switch to a smarter, faster appointment booking form with Fluent Forms integration!

Beautiful Forms at Your Fingertips!

Optimize your appointment conversions by giving your forms a stunning look using Fluent Forms. Embed FluentBooking calendars on contact forms, multi-step forms, and more with a single click!

fluent forms integration

FluentCRM Integration

Grow Your Business with Email Automation

Simplify email communication and promotional outreach for your business. Integrate with your favorite email automation tool and maximize your business potential

generate high quality leads for fluentcrm

Generate High-quality Leads

Attract high-quality leads by letting clients book product demos, service overviews, and more, and send them to FluentCRM for further communication.

See Who You’re Interacting with in fluentcrm

See Who You’re Interacting with

Discover your leads and see who you’re interacting with —in detail. Harness the power of attendee data and monitor leads effortlessly!

Guide Your Prospect’s Buyer Journey

Start nurturing your client’s interest even before your meeting takes place, and close more deals effortlessly!

guide your prospects buyer journey
Connect with attendees from the Start

Connect Right from the Start

Give your best first impression when someone chooses to meet you. Greet them with a high-quality customer experience and start nurturing your interest.

Re-establish Broken Communications using fluentcrm

Re-establish Broken Communications

Gone are those days of feeling ghosted after someone cancels an appointment. Re-establish your broken communications effortlessly with FluentCRM!

Twilio Integration

Enjoy the Convenience of SMS & WhatsApp Notifications

Notify meeting attendees via SMS and WhatsApp and keep your clients notified. Stay in the loop, never miss a beat!

twilio integration fluentbooking

SMS and WhatsApp Notifications

Connect your Twilio account to FluentBooking and start leveraging SMS and WhatsApp for notifications. Send any type of notification effortlessly to your attendee’s phone and avoid no-shows like a pro!

Optimize Your Appointments for Growth and Revenue

Boost your appointment conversion, and turn your conversations into conversions and revenue!

WPFusion Integration

Unleash the Power of WordPress Automations

Automate your events, e-Commerce, memberships, learning management, and more with WPFusion Integration

wp fusion integration

Optimized WordPress Workflows Await

Ditch manual work for workflow automation, start utilizing FluentBooking-WP Fusion integration. Enjoy the park of unlimited WordPress automations and integrate your events with your eCommerce, membership, events, learning management, and more!

G-Pay Integration

Unlock Mobile Payments

Connect with Stripe and leverage G-Pay to accept payments for your appointments

Get Paid Quicker, Faster!

Enable mobile payments by connecting your Stripe account with G-Pay and get paid quicker and faster for your appointments.

fluentbooking g-pay integration

Webhook Integration

Go Limitless!

Don’t mind going through a bit of technicality? Unlock the world of integrations with Webhooks!

webhook integration

Unlock the World

Integrate any webhook-supported tool with FluentBooking and harness the power of infinite integrations with your appointment scheduling tool!

Apple Pay Integration

Simplify Mobile Payments

Go mobile with Stripe integration and let people pay for your appointments with Apple Pay

apple pay integration

Let People Pay from Anywhere, Anytime!

Simplify mobile payments for your appointments with our Stripe integration. Connect your Stripe account with Apple Pay and let your clients pay from anywhere, anytime!

fluentbooking cta image

Optimize Your Appointments for Growth and Revenue

Zapier Integration

Simple Automations, Powerful Workflows

Get access to 1000+ Zapier Integrations and thousands of automations!

Unlock the World

Integrate any webhook-supported tool with FluentBooking and harness the power of limitless integrations with your appointment scheduling tool.

fluentbooking zapier integration

Pabbly Integration

Scale Your Business

Connect your appointments to hundreds of Pabbly apps and give your business the workflow boost it deserves

Effortless Task Automation!

Do more with your appointments by connecting with hundreds of Pabbly Connect Integrations. Automate simpler and scale your business faster!

Make Integration

Build Your Imagination

Build whatever you can imagine with Make + FluentBooking. Automate workflows better and grow your business faster.

Make Your Integrations

Employ our webhooks to integrate hundreds of Make apps with FluentBooking and deploy them for effortless workflow automation!

All at a Flat Pricing That’s Hard to Refuse!

FluentBooking is not just about smart features, our pricing is also hard to refuse.

Super Saver


1 Site License

1 Domain License 

1-Year Plugin Update

1-Year Priority Support

All Features Included


5 Site License

5 Domain License 

1-Year Plugin Update

1-Year Priority Support

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50 Site License

50 Domain License 

1-Year Plugin Update

1-Year Priority Support

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Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Hosts

Multiple Meeting Types

Google Calendar Integration

Availability management

Notifications and Reminders

Google Meet Integration

Stripe Payments

FluentCRM Integration

Fluent Forms Integration

Zoom Integration

And More

Super Saver


50 Site License

50 Domain License 

Lifetime Plugin Update

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All Features Included


5 Site License

5 Domain License 

Lifetime Plugin Update

Lifetime Priority Support

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1 Site License

1 Domain License 

Lifetime Plugin Update

Lifetime Priority Support

All Features Included

Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Hosts

Multiple Meeting Types

Google Calendar Integration

Availability management

Notifications and Reminders

Google Meet Integration

Stripe Payments

FluentCRM Integration

Fluent Forms Integration

Zoom Integration

And More

Frequently Asked Questions

FluentBooking is the simplest appointment booking solution to solve your complex appointment needs. Create unlimited calendars and meetings, sync events with your calendar, and integrate with other tools to turn your conversations into conversions!

FluentBooking puts no restrictions on how many hosts you can add. You can add unlimited hosts and unlimited calendars.

FluentBooking is a standalone product that anyone can use to streamline their booking and appointment system. It does not require any other Fluent/WPManageNinja products.

FluentBooking is a user-friendly plugin that makes scheduling a breeze —even for beginners! With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionality, you can manage your appointments and bookings in minutes. No coding skills are required!

FluentBooking already has 2-way integration with Google Calendar. This means your calendars will automatically adapt depending on your Google Calendar. We will add more calendar integrations soon!

FluentBooking currently integrates with Stripe for Payments. If your Stripe account is connected to G-Pay or Apple Pay, you can also accept payments using those.

FluentBooking currently has Google Meet and Zoom integration. More virtual conferencing platform integrations are coming soon!

FluentBooking already has the following integrations: Fluent Forms, FluentCRM, WP Fusion, Zapier, Pabbly, Make and Webhooks. Twilio Integration is scheduled soon!

We appreciate our existing users and are eager to welcome new people to our family. Our LTD offer has no hidden cost. You will get priority support and all future updates. Pay once, and use it forever!

Yes, we do have a public roadmap where you can view upcoming features and suggest new ones.

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