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Upgrade Your eLearning Adventure

Advice, tutor, counsel and support your students with streamlined appointments. Revolutionize your eLearning experience with FluentBooking!

Appointment Scheduling

Accepts Payment

CRM Integration

Transform the Way You Teach!

Take your eLearning initiatives to the next level by arranging live learning sessions, counseling, and more. Support your student’s growth and transform the way you teach!

Streamline Appointment Bookings

Deliver the Most Seamless Learning Experience

Simplify the scheduling of online courses and webinars with FluentBooking. Empower your learners to book sessions with ease, ensuring a smoother and more productive learning experience.

elearning meetings

Group Meetings

Educate in Groups, Save Time!

Why stick to one-on-one sessions when you can seamlessly educate multiple individuals at once? Leverage FluentBooking’s group meeting feature to share knowledge with a broader audience, all with similar interests, and significantly save time.

Calendar Sync

Stay on Schedule, Stay Prepared

Bid farewell to scheduling conflicts that could defame your eLearning programs. Let FluentBooking handle your course scheduling, keeping your calendar updated and ensuring complete clarity about upcoming sessions.

stay on learning schedule

Simplify Student Appointments with FluentBooking!

Let students book direct appointments with you for tutoring, advising, counseling, and more!

class reminder

Email Notifications & Reminders

Never Miss an Opportunity to Educate!

Stay updated with FluentBooking’s dynamic email notifications, ensuring both you and your learners are up-to-date with course details. This provides ample time for preparation and delivering engaging and informative learning sessions.

Fluent Form Integration

Unlock Efficient Design and Seamless Scheduling

Embrace an elevated design journey with a hassle-free and streamlined appointment scheduling process using our integrated Fluent Forms. Provide your clients with a smooth and engaging experience, expediting your scheduling tasks.

smart learning meeting form
class scheduling workflow

CRM Integration

Don’t Let Your Students Miss a Beat!

Guide your learners every step of the way through their e-learning journey, providing them with a seamless and organized experience. Leverage FluentCRM integrations to stay connected between classes, ensuring they receive course materials, quizzes, and more right when they need them.

Detailed Statistics

Elevate Your Teaching with Data-Driven Insights!

FluentBooking provides crucial data and statistics to enhance your teaching, delivering a more effective and efficient learning experience. Gain a deeper understanding of your students, pinpoint their challenges, and customize your instruction to bridge the gap and nurture excellence.

Plan Efficiently, Engage Quickly, Educate Seamlessly!

From coordinating appointments to engaging students and beyond, do everything with a tool that’s tailored for eLearning!

Tutor, Counsel, and Support Your Student Growth

It’s more than just booking and scheduling with FluentBooking, it’s about delivering an enhanced e-learning experience and ensuring your students are always hungry for more!

  • Unlimited Hosts: Onboard your full team of instructors and let students choose whom they want to learn from!
  • Appointment Management: Easily access detailed appointment information and effortlessly manage past and upcoming sessions.
  • Time Zone Management: Experience the convenience of automatic time conversion to your local time zone.
  • Appointment rescheduling: Effortlessly reschedule or cancel your online classes while notifying students via email
  • Attendee Insights: Screen students before they enroll in a course and initiate the lesson-informed

Simplify E-learning with Smart Integrations

Collect information, streamline workflow, automate repetitive tasks, and stay updated. Connect FluentBooking with tools you use every day and maximize your productivity!

All at a Flat Pricing That’s Hard to Refuse!

FluentBooking is not just about smart features, our pricing is also hard to refuse.

Super Saver



SAVE 50%

50 Site Licence

50 Domain License 

Lifetime Plugin Update

Lifetime Priority Support

All Features Included



SAVE 50%

5 Site Licence

5 Domain License 

Lifetime Plugin Update

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All Features Included



SAVE 50%

1 Site Licence

1 Domain License 

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All Features Included

Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Hosts

Multiple Meeting Types

Google Calendar Integration

Availability management

Notifications and Reminders

Google Meet Integration

Stripe Payments

FluentCRM Integration

Fluent Forms Integration

Zoom Integration

And More

Frequently Asked Questions

FluentBooking is the simplest appointment booking solution to solve your complex appointment needs. Create unlimited calendars and meetings, sync events with your calendar, and integrate with other tools to turn your conversations into conversions!

FluentBooking puts no restrictions on how many hosts you can add. You can add unlimited hosts and unlimited calendars.

FluentBooking is a standalone product that anyone can use to streamline their booking and appointment system. It does not require any other Fluent/WPManageNinja products.

FluentBooking is a user-friendly plugin that makes scheduling a breeze —even for beginners! With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionality, you can manage your appointments and bookings in minutes. No coding skills are required!

FluentBooking already has 2-way integration with Google Calendar. This means your calendars will automatically adapt depending on your Google Calendar. We will add more calendar integrations soon!

FluentBooking currently integrates with Stripe for Payments. If your Stripe account is connected to G-Pay or Apple Pay, you can also accept payments using those.

FluentBooking currently has Google Meet and Zoom integration. More virtual conferencing platform integrations are coming soon!

FluentBooking already has the following integrations: Fluent Forms, FluentCRM, WP Fusion, Zapier, Pabbly, Make and Webhooks. Twilio Integration is scheduled soon!

We appreciate our existing users and are eager to welcome new people to our family. Our LTD offer has no hidden cost. You will get priority support and all future updates. Pay once, and use it forever!

Yes, we do have a public roadmap where you can view upcoming features and suggest new ones.

Appointment Booking for Busy Professionals