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When2meet Alternatives

7 When2Meet Alternatives for Optimized Scheduling Success

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When2Meet is a simple schedule booking system that helps users coordinate meeting times with friends or colleagues. While it’s useful for basic scheduling, it lacks advanced features such as extensive calendar integration, customizable branding, and enhanced privacy options.

Considering these limitations, When2meet may not meet the needs of modern appointment-based businesses. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

This article is your go-to resource as it will explore options and alternatives of When2Meet, highlighting their functionalities and user-friendly aspects to assist you in making an informed and ideal choice. 

Let’s get started!

SoftwareBasicStandard/Pro Enterprise/Pro+
FluentBooking$99/year (1 site license)$249/year – 5 site license$499/year – 50 site license

Pro Plan: $6.95/monthCustom Pricing
Team Plan: $8.95/month
Free (up to 3 users)
Schedule: $10/month  per user
$39/month 930+ users)
Route: $19/month per user
Standard: $10/month per user
Custom Pricing
Teams: $16/month per user
BookafyFree$9/month per user$13/month per user
HubSpot MeetingsFree$18/month per user$450/month per user
AppointletFree$8Custom Pricing
Pricing Comparison of When2Meet Alternatives

What is When2Meet?

When2Meet is an appointment booking tool that helps with setting up meetings and finding the best schedules for meetings. Despite its popularity and free availability, When2Meet lacks advanced features, better methods for integrating calendars, custom branding, and extra privacy functions.

Our goal is to help you find When2Meet alternatives that are easy to use and have more features, whether they are free or paid. 

Keep reading to discover the limitations and some better alternatives to When2Meet!

Why Should You Find Alternatives to When2meet?

While When2meet offers many benefits for scheduling meetings and events, not every business will find it to be an ideal solution. The following are the reasons:

LackingsWhat Users Want?
Lack of Advanced Features: When2Meet has an amateur website that offers basic functionality. It lacks advanced features that some users may need for more complex scheduling tasks.For users, enhanced capabilities such as the ability to integrate various tools and customize the branding are particularly important.
Limited Integration Tools: There are limited options for integrating When2Meet with other calendar platforms, which may restrict its usability for users who rely on multiple calendars.Users tend to prefer more flexible integration options with various calendar platforms and other tools to enhance their scheduling experience.
No Customizable Branding: When2Meet doesn’t provide options for customizing the branding of events or the scheduling interface, limiting its use for businesses or organizations that wish to maintain a consistent brand image.Users want to be able to personalize the branding of their events or the scheduling interface to align with their organization’s brand image or preferences.
Lack of Enhanced Privacy Measures: When2Meet may not offer advanced privacy features such as encryption or additional security measures, which could be a concern for users who prioritize data security.Users typically desire stronger privacy features, such as encryption and additional security measures, to ensure the protection of their data and privacy.
When2Meet Limitations

7 When2Meet Alternatives to Try Out for Effective Scheduling

Finding the perfect WordPress booking plugin is like finding a hidden gem. It is imperative to find a tool that not only fulfills but also surpasses your scheduling needs and provides the flexibility to boost your business.

Let’s explore some of the most reliable and efficient alternatives to When2Meet to help you manage your schedule efficiently.


FluentBooking takes the first spot on our list of best When2Meet alternatives. It’s an all-in-one solution that simplifies scheduling and automation, ensuring an effortless experience for both you and your customers.

Fluentbooking is a great solution for scheduling both personal and business appointments. When you use it, you can easily customize date formats and time zones, as well as set up recurring events without any hassle. Most importantly, your data stays securely within WordPress, ensuring the utmost privacy and protection.

When2meet alternative FluentBooking

Moreover, FluentBooking simplifies the process of integrating your calendar into your website, delivering an intuitive booking experience to your users. It is RTL-compatible and mobile-responsive. FluentBooking also integrates seamlessly with Google Meet, Google Calendar, Outlook, Twilio, WooCommerce, and Zoom.

Key Features

  • Customizable calendar and schedule
  • Set up multiple meeting types, be it one-on-one, group, or round-robin
  • 100% accessible front end and appointment unavailability pop-up
  • Mobile-friendly interface and simplified availability management
  • Use of booking limits to avoid overbooking
  • Responsive booking pages and effortless one-click integration
  • Seamless RTL support and effortless data collection
  • Automated appointment emails and SMS appointment reminder
  • Custom fields and menus
  • Filter appointments by meeting types
  • Set various booking questions to learn about meeting attendees
  • Custom event buffer time integrated with Google Calendar


FluentBooking Pricing includes:

  • 50 site license – $499/Year
  • 5 site license – $249/Year
  • 1 site license – $99/Year


Doodle is a straightforward scheduling tool that simplifies the process of booking for both business and personal events. Unlike When2Meet, Doodle is praised for its ease of use, making it effortless to schedule meetings, dinners, or client appointments. The doodle calendar provides users with a visual representation of participants’ availability to choose a time that works for them and their schedules.

When2meet alternative Doodle

As an added convenience, Doodle’s unique polling system allows hosts to open up available timeslots for participants and send them an email invitation. It is able to integrate with popular calendars like Google Calendar, making it even more convenient. 

Key Features

  • Hassle-free and convenient appointment scheduling
  • Simple calendar integration
  • Utilization of Cloudflare security and fully secure AWS hosting
  • Ability to create multiple calendars
  • Basic Integration with Slack and customizable SLAs
  • Collaborative scheduling capabilities


Doodle offers a 14-day free trial, and if you are convinced with their service, then you can check the following packages:

  • Pro plan – $6.95 per/month
  • Team plan – $8.95 per/month
  • Enterprise plan – quoted according to your requirements


OnceHub is a great tool for scheduling appointments, especially for users working in finance. You can add widgets to your website using this tool. It’s easy to use and has many useful features. It has a simple interface and is compatible with different time zones, even when daylight savings time is changed.

When2meet alternative OnceHub

You can use this tool to schedule one-on-one meetings, and it comes with useful features like automatic reminders, calendar syncing, and a mobile app. You can also use it to schedule meetings through links on your website or chatbots and forms.

Key Features

  • Inclusion of buffer times before and after meetings
  • Extensive customization options compared to platforms like When2Meet
  • Automated reminders and follow-ups via email and SMS
  • Live engagement notifications for real-time tracking of visitor actions
  • Custom branding for personalized booking pages, forms, and chatbots
  • Reporting and analytics for insights into scheduling patterns and interactions
  • Live engagements through video meetings and live chat
  • Group scheduling and availability sharing
  • Multi-person scheduling for coordinating appointments


  • Basic – free plan (up to 3 users)
  • Schedule – $10/month per user
  • Route: $19/month per user
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing (30+ users); $39/month per user


Calendly is a user-friendly scheduling tool ideal for professionals like recruiters, teachers, entrepreneurs, and personal trainers. With Calendly, clients and colleagues can easily showcase their availability and book meetings at their convenience. It integrates seamlessly with popular calendars, including iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Office 365. 

When2meet alternative Calendly

Calendly also supports group scheduling, which makes it easy to share availability and arrange appointments directly from emails or websites. Calendly proves to be a more effective alternative to When2Meet when it comes to managing appointments and meetings.

Key Features

  • Time zone detection, buffer times, and enterprise-grade features
  • Built-in workflows for follow-ups and reminders
  • Automated meeting assignment for team scheduling
  • Centralized billing 
  • Scheduling limits to prevent double bookings
  • Flexible control over availability
  • Options to set the right meeting type for specific goals
  • Numerous third-party integrations for enhanced functionality


  • Free – For individuals starting with basic scheduling
  • Standard – $10/month per user
  • Teams – $16/month per user
  • Enterprise – customized according to requirements


Bookafy simplifies appointment bookings with automated reminders and confirmations via text, along with the option to include Skype, Zoom, or GoToMeeting links for web conferences. It seamlessly syncs client information to your CRM and personal calendar, offering a branded booking page for each sales rep with profile picture customization. 

When2meet alternative Bookafy

Bookafy allows unlimited appointments and types, integrating time tracking, booking, and calendar sync in one intuitive application. With an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive website, clients receive reminders and meeting details via text upon scheduling, with the option to accept payments directly through the interface. 

Key Features

  • Skill-based scheduling and automated reminders
  • Multi-user appointments and round-robin routing
  • Future appointment limits to avoid overbooking
  • Email notifications and SMS reminders
  • Meeting buffer times and staff availability display
  • Syncs with major calendars
  • Customizable booking page
  • Integration with popular payment getaways
  • Multiple location management and group appointments support


  • Free – $0/month per user
  • Pro – $9/month per user
  • Pro+ – $13/month per user

HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings streamlines appointment scheduling, especially for those with frequent meetings, saving time and eliminating phone tags. It seamlessly syncs with HubSpot CRM, Google Calendar, and Office 365, allowing clients to view current availability. 

When2meet alternative HubSpot meetings

Group meetings can be organized, and clients can book with available sales reps, adding a personal touch to interactions. As a When2Meet alternative, HubSpot Meetings handles administrative tasks across various industries, including business, sales, and customer relations. 

Key Features

  • Automated direct meeting scheduling
  • Group and round-robin meeting options
  • Integrations with HubSpot CRM, Google Calendar, and Office 365 Calendar
  • Calendar embedding functionality for websites
  • Customizable email templates and metric tracking
  • Ability to schedule multiple meetings
  • Effortless access to content
  • Centralized management of meetings


  • Basic – Free forever
  • Sales Hub Starter – $18 /month per user
  • Sales Hub Professional – $450/month per user


Appointlet is favored by sales teams for its CRM features, facilitating efficient client information tracking and seamless customer service interactions. Appointlet boasts excellent customer support and abundant online resources, including videos and blogs, to maximize product utilization.

When2meet Appointlet

As a When2Meet alternative, Appointlet offers a versatile booking page creation tool, allowing users to insert availability information and share it via various channels. It seamlessly integrates with multiple apps, aiding in efficient booking management and reducing no-show rates. Users enjoy unlimited meetings, members, and calendar usage with the software.

Key Features

  • Easy and quick addition of booking links to websites
  • Smooth cancellation and rescheduling options
  • Manual approval of meetings
  • Optional scheduling of breaks between events
  • User-friendly interface for effortless appointment scheduling
  • Free version allows group bookings
  • Seamless integration with Google Calendar to sync appointments
  • High level of customizability for branding according to aesthetic preferences
  • Automatic time zone adjustment for international meetings


  • Free – $0/month per member
  • Premium – $8/month per member
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

Final Verdict: Which is the best alternative to When2Meet?

When2Meet’s interface has been criticized for its outdated design and lack of visual appeal. Many users have expressed frustration with the limited variety of customization options and poor mobile experience. Moreover, the insufficiency of advanced features and integrations makes When2Meet unsuitable for a wide range of scheduling needs. Therefore, finding an appropriate alternative is essential.

After reading this article, we are confident you’ve discovered several reliable alternatives to When2Meet. FluentBooking stands out as a potential champion among these options due to its advanced features, data security, and ease of use. Its customizable calendar, mobile-friendly interface, RTL compatibility, and continuous improvement of features ensure a smooth and intuitive booking experience. 

With FluentBooking, scheduling becomes an art, not a chore. So why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace excellence?

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