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FluentBooking 1.2.6

FluentBooking 1.2.6: Accessibility Upgrade, Time Zone Selection, and More

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“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

With unwavering dedication, our team has been hard at work, bringing new features and performance improvements. We aim to offer unparalleled innovation in WordPress appointment management through FluentBooking.

As our developers work their magic, exciting things are taking place in FluentBooking 1.2.6. Let’s find out what they’ve cooked up this time!

Improved UI/UX for a Better User Experience

Keeping our customers satisfied is our top priority. We’ve added a few major improvements to make your experience even better. Take a look to see what’s new!

Prioritizing Accessibility for All

We’re excited to announce that our latest update of FluentBooking 1.2.6 makes the user appointment booking experience even more user-friendly. Now, the front end of our software is 100% accessible, ensuring that everyone can navigate effortlessly.

Users can now breeze through the interface using convenient keyboard shortcuts, making navigation smoother and faster than ever before. The new update also supports sound tracker extensions that can detect browser movements, enhancing accessibility for those who rely on auditory cues.

fluentbooking accesibility score

Appointment Unavailability Pop-Up

The new release of FluentBooking 1.2.6 brings a variety of game-changing improvements. With our latest version, you’ll be on top of everything when it comes to scheduling. We are introducing pop-up alerts that will keep you in the loop about the unavailability of booked appointments in the upcoming months.

With our intuitive pop-up messages, you’ll be notified ahead of time if appointments are fully booked in the months of your choice. This way, you will stay ahead of the curve and plan your schedule with ease. 

appointment unavailability pop-up

Seamless RTL Support

Gone are the days of worrying about the alignment of your RTL content. With this update, our appointment booking software effortlessly adapts to RTL languages, ensuring a smooth, language-inclusive, and visually appealing experience for users who prefer or require RTL text orientation.

Whether you’re entering details in Arabic or any other RTL language, the software now intuitively adjusts to display text, images, and elements in the correct order. Embrace a more inclusive interface and wave goodbye to layout concerns!

fluentbooking rtl support

Time Zone Selection

Imagine you’re a host with clients from around the globe. With our new release of FluentBooking 1.2.6, you can bid farewell to time zone headaches!

While you could choose a time zone before, FluentBooking calendars didn’t have the flexibility of time zone selection. Now you can effortlessly adjust your time zone even after creating an appointment calendar.

fluentbooking host time zone selection

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Your feedback is invaluable to us. As a result, we’ve implemented some minor improvements and addressed various bug fixes. Check out what we’ve improved!

Error Notice for Missing Fields

In our newest version, we’ve implemented an intuitive feature to ensure that you never overlook vital information when booking appointments. Now, if any required fields are left blank, FluentBooking will promptly display an error message, guiding attendees to fill in the necessary details.

missing fields error notice

Filter Appointments by Meeting Types

FluentBooking 1.2.6 now puts you in control with custom meeting filters. With the latest update, hosts can effortlessly filter and book appointments by choosing specific meeting types that suit their needs.

Here’s the scoop: if you’re a busy professional juggling different types of meetings – be it client calls or team catch-ups – you can filter your appointments by the type of meeting you’re planning.

Quick group discussion? No sweat. One-on-one session with your team? Piece of cake. This new feature streamlines the booking process with personalized meeting-type filters, so you can spend less time searching and more time on what truly matters – your meetings! 

Filter Appointments by Meeting Types

Custom Event Buffer Time Integrated with Google Calendar

We’re excited to introduce a powerful improvement to our latest update that will revolutionize the way you manage your appointment booking. With FluentBooking 1.2.6, the custom event buffer time can now seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar, offering hosts unprecedented control over their schedules.

If you set buffer preferences within FluentBooking and create custom appointments in Google Calendar, your FluentBooking calendar will automatically adjust with buffer preferences.

Don’t worry about the tedious task of manually adjusting your buffer time, as FluentBooking will now handle it all effortlessly for you!

Customize Landing Page Slug

FluentBooking’s landing page URLs were dynamic. Meaning, that if you wanted to customize your landing page URL further, there wasn’t a way to do so. Now, you’ll be able to customize your landing page Slug as you wish.

landing page URL customization

One-Click Appointment Deletion

You can now maintain consistency and accurate availability by removing appointments from all connected calendars in one go.

With the new release of FluentBooking 1.2.6, you will no longer have to deal with the hassle of removing booked appointments from multiple calendars. With just one click of the delete button, you can now effortlessly erase a booked appointment from all connected calendars.

Resolved Booking Date Mismatch Issue

FluentBoooking 1.2.6 fixed a problem that caused confusion with appointment dates. Before, you might have picked a date, but it showed a different date in the upcoming appointment section. Not anymore! 

booking date mismatch issue fixed

With this update, the date you choose is the date you’ll get. No more mix-ups, just smooth booking from start to finish!

booking date mismatch issue fixed 2

Exciting Updates and More New Features Awaits!

With FluentBooking, we want to make your WordPress appointment management hassle-free. This is why we’re constantly trying to add new features, integrations, and enhancements. Our team is fully committed to delivering adaptable, accessible, and user-friendly appointment management with minimal interruptions, so we are always looking for ways to improve.

You can join us on this journey by keeping an eye on our roadmap and sharing any feature ideas you have. Thank you for your support, and enjoy the latest features and improvements!

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